Dreams and Pink Fluff

23408365When i was much younger, I daydreamed most of the time. I would let myself sail out the classroom windows, rode clouds to distant lands, met enchanting creatures etc. and each time I do daydream, I realized that before I could finish my dreams, class had ended. The young naive me concluded that I had the ability to speed up time, simply by daydreaming. In my high school years, i played volleyball for my school . I would frequently enter a state of heightened awareness such that each time i jumped up to spike the ball, I could see the ball sail towards me in a matrix-like manner. I would feel myself float in the air, some what like bullet time in “the matrix”. Time stood still. What happened in both incidents? I concluded that time was elastic to me and that I had some how found a doorway to escape from the boundaries of time. However, my fantasies remained fantasies. What actually happened in both incidents was that I had entered what World Class musicians and Top Class athletes call: The Zone. It is a state of focused attention with the ability to hone in on the surroundings, yet feel relaxed at the same time. Every one can enter the zone, it is a matter of choice. In my line of work, the Zone makes up my working environment for my clients. The Zone is where i bring them. The Zone is where people make peace with themselves and unleash their potential. Therefore, up to you, to Daydream or not to Daydream?

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