Waking Up

wake-up1Sometimes the hardest thing to do can be the first thing you do every day:waking up. 

Yes,waking up and all ready to go. Here are some tips for those with trouble waking up:

1. Sleep enough and at your sleep hours

– Every one’s body works with different body clocks,but there will be a certain time in the night when we get all lethargic and drowsy. That’s the body clock saying it’s time to sleep. Everyone knows that sleeping sufficiently is vital to feeling good the next day,no need for any elaboration here.

2. Avoid alcohol,caffeine,hypnotic drugs before sleeping.

– Most hypnotic drugs will make you only drowsier early in the morning. Please only use them at the last resort and with prescription from a doctor. Just abit of alcohol before bed is fine. Definitely not till you’re tipsy cos when you wake up,you’ll get a hangover. Caffeine is a no no before bed because it won’t let you sleep properly,therefore affecting your ability to wake up.

3. Drink a glass of water before sleeping.

– This will to give you the urge to pee in the morning. Running to the toilet to release the dam is a good way to kick start your system.

4. Use a powerful alarm clock. 

– This time tested method now has a modern approach to it. It’s called the Clocky. I’ll do a review on it. Alternatively, you can place your clock in a place just far enough such that you will have to roll out of bed to switch it off or snooze it. 

5. Get your housemate to kick you off the bed. 

– This always works if the alarm just doesn’t give that strong enough kick. 

6. Remind yourself why you to have to wake up at that time in the morn. To do this better,click here to learn how to do auto-suggestion more effectively. 

I hope this 6 tips can help you get out of bed. Trust me…getting over  this hurdle is a big step for you.


2 responses to “Waking Up

  1. I like tip number 5! Thanks!

  2. Hey, I tried drinking a glass of water but it doesnt work and my roomie can’t get me to wake up. What can I do?

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