ClockyBeep beep beep beep!! *roll…..5 metres away* Beep beep beep beep!!

Ladies and Gents, Introducing the Clocky! He’s what I call a break through in the quest to get people out of bed. He is EXTREMELY noisy, very agile and mobile, extremely CUTE to look at.

What does he do? …..ALOT!

He beeps very loudly every morning.

When you hit the snooze button, he keeps quiet, but he rolls off the table and rolls to random locations in the room.

He can jump 3 feet off the table!

How will this help you?

Well imagine having to wake up and finding the little fella just to press the snooze button. Just this action alone is enough to jolt you at least halfway awake. Well if he doesn’t wake you up the first time round, I’m sure just a few more times and you’d be up cursing and swearing.

Do I recommend it?

DEFINITELY! Visit them at: Nanda


2 responses to “CLOCKY!

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  2. Clocky is the best ever invention! Glad people are blogging about it!


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