That extra Bump for the little ones

childWhat kind of personality does your child have? When he/she meets new people, does he/she smile to the stranger or hide behind you? In a broader sense, they tend to fall into either an extrovert or an introvert. How will this affect their lives in the future?

There are personality theories that believe that the personality of a child is more or less set in his younger years and that they will retain the major components of it all the way into adulthood. The Chinese believe that “at the age of 3 the character is set”. However, no matter if they are extroverts or introverts, they share a similarity; having self-confidence. Self-confidence brings children places. Who said introverts do not have self confidence? Let me name a few famous introverts: Abraham Lincoln, David Letterman, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. What about extroverts? Well, there are simply too many to name but it does not mean that being an extrovert equates to a higher chance of being famous. It is just that extroverts tend to like to put themselves into the limelight , therefore they get recognized more easily. Introverts tend to be recognized for the acute talent.

Having self-confidence is not something a child can pick up by himself. The environment and every thing they come into contact with help to shape their level of self-confidence. Every statement uttered to them leaves an imprint on them. Some parents tend to make the mistake of passing remarks that will hurt a child’s ego like, “you will never make it”. They do not know how much mental damage has been done on the children. It’s like a bomb dropped onto the child’s mental mindset, it will leave a crater.

A word of advice dear parents, being positive is tough especially when you are angry, but your words will go a long way. If a child commits a mistake, instead of saying, “You’re so stupid!” Try what theater director Joan Littlewood said, “If we don’t get lost, we’ll never find a new route.” The effect will be very significant in your child.

Positive thinking is a habit that will definitely boost the amount of self-confidence in children. It has been shown that children who tend to smile and feel good do better in their studies and have better social relationships. Being positive to your child also opens up the channels for your child to talk to you. He will not be afraid to voice his opinions and he will be more than happy to engage in a healthy debate with you. Can you imagine how much children keep to themselves when their parents lash at them when ever they mention something out of line? I would know, my parents were like that and it hurt. For those that grew up in a more amiable environment, please applaud your parents for their patience and learn from them. It was tough for them.

Well, lets give our little ones a chance to reach for the skies, smile!

3 responses to “That extra Bump for the little ones

  1. If only my parents were so positive…Maybe I could have done more things

  2. I feel that introverts don”t normally make it to the top because they might not like the attention they get at the top, they’d prefer to keep to themselves and maybe middle is good enough for them


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