All's Grey in the Office?

Board at work

Board at work

Working in the office, in front of you is your computer, to your left/right is your little working space. On your grey board infront of you, you see the same photos that you have pinned up when you first came to work, all smiles and all….then what happened? Now you dread the end of every day, for with it comes the start to the same monotonous day. Correct?


Well, we don’t really have to go to extremes as the above. A good way to color your grey day is to take part in an activity at night and try to make every night different e.g. hit the pub, ask your buddy to go to the gym with you, watch a movie, go fishing, go night cycling, go learn a new dance, go for art lessons, try Capoeira, pick up a martial art etc etc. It’s never too late to start picking up things. My gramps wanted to learn how to use the internet at the age of 78..How do I explain blogging and video embedding to him? With lots of patience I succeeded, but then he decided that the computer was too slow and chess was more fun. Heck, you never know what you like till you give it a try.


One response to “All's Grey in the Office?

  1. Parkour in the office….

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