Personality of the Week


ghandiLet’s be someone this week. Let’s be the guy on the 1000 rupee note. For those of you who had not watched slumdog millionaire,it’s Mahatma Ghandi

I’m not being political here. We’re talking about his energy and drive. For a man who went on a starvation protest,he really does have a lot of energy packed into that lanky frame of his. It’s the mind that is pulling him on. We can compare the amount of willpower stored in his head to a nuclear reactor-Immense!

When you want to do something,the first step is always to set your mind to it. What’s the purpose of not putting your mind into what you do? A chef who doesn’t put his mind into his cooking is just scraping left overs off his wok. 

Next step, start doing it. As the brand does it,so do we: just do it. From here on, the journey is just like that of our dear ghandi- determination and a heart only on one goal. Let’s try do it and who knows, you might start having people following you!



One response to “Personality of the Week

  1. One of the greatest men in history (:

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