Brave New World!


Let’s try something different today. Let’s go pick up a new language!I’m picking up Portuguese very soon. Be brave about it. When you first start out,you’ll defninitely sound different. Give yourself a chance; you never know,you could be quite brilliant at it. All it takes is that spark of interest,that urge to try something new and the patience to see it through. These are the secret ingredients to embarking on your new adventure. 

Don’t be shy about what you’re learning. Share it with every one. Talk with zest. The more people you tell,the more you have to explain about it and the more it gets inscribed in you that you’re doing it right. 

 let me introduce you to a brave soul who is learning a foreign language and decides to share with the world. Don’t laugh! For this guy could be better than any of you in English in the days to come 🙂


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