Let’s start small

mount-everestAre you ready for your next venture? Want to break free from your normal routines?  Let’s start small first.

Babies learn to crawl before they walk, walk before they run. If you want to improve on an ability that you have or acquire new knowledge, give yourself time just as a baby does. Take it small; Absorb information in bite-sized quantities; be patient with yourself; set achievable goals for yourself.

Now let’s go down to the nitty gritty:

1. Set a goal, and in your goal, set ample time to let you achieve your goal BUT do not give yourself too much time, for having too much time will lead to just time wastage. It is good if your time limit will provide some stress to you as this stress will give rise to a sense of urgency to get things done and complete goals faster.

2. Don’t aim for the top yet, aim mid-way. Many mountain climbers do not set out for Mt Everest without ample experience and practise. It is always good to set your sights high, but leave that as your main goal. These steps are mini goals to achieve before reaching the summit.

3. Read up more about the topic and talk to friends. How does this help you get anywhere? Surprisingly, alot. Reading up and talking to friends will get you exposed to the activity more and in so doing, your interest will slowly grow as well.

4. Find common friends with similar interests. People who go to the gym normally have a buddy to go with them to help them spot for mistakes. Having a buddy gives you a moral boost and he/she will make sure you get things done. Important note: Find someone who is more motivated than you are for that extra burst of energy.

5. Set your mind to it. What’s the point in setting all these goals if you mind and heart are not set to accomplishing the goal? Commit to your goals

6. Patience. Give yourself a chance to develop because most of the time, just a month is not enough to see effects in what you have achieved. Just as a gym-rat will take at least a month to see a significant increase in armsize, you will need time to develop your goals.

7. Let’s get going. All right, you’ve just been bumped! Get going!

Bump! (:

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