Book Review!

The Mind Gym!The Mind Gym! 

I came across the lovely little green book while I was walking in the library. The cover is simple, yet very attractive…so I couldn’t help myself and took it down to read. If you have not read it….GO AND GET IT.

What is it about?

It goes through with you scenarios and instances in life that you can work on. For example, your relationships, your ability to communicate with others, how to unlock your creativity. Yes I know..sounds like any other DIY book. BUT, the difference in this book from others is that instead on talking all the airy fairy ideas in the air, most of its ideas are backed by psychological data and they come in bite sized chapters. The writing style is very simple and easy to understand. Their analogies are realistic and almost anyone can relate to and best of all, every page of the book just gets ideas pumping into your head; you just feel like hopping up and about to get some work done!

Who is it for?

People who feel that they can’t reach their full potential; People who want to do even better; People who are having relationship problems; People who want to know the art of negotiation better; People who generally want to be better people (:

Would I recommend it?

….I’m blogging about it..what do you think.

Ok don’t wait any more…go grab a copy. I heard there are two sequels to it: Relationships and Give Me Time. I’m definitely getting my grubby fingers all over them.


3 responses to “Book Review!

  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Anything that can expand my mind is worth a view.


  2. Yeah I read the book to. The new one : Give Me Time is even better. If you can do read it. Great blog, love the content. Keep posting!

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve read your webbie and that idea you’re into….its great! I wonder if knowledge could be shared that freely as well, would we all make a better place? (:


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