Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head


rainToday the sky was laden with clouds so full of rain that they hung close to earth. They looked like water bags just waiting to burst;an occassional gust of wind sends ripples across their skin of white fluff. It was going to pour. 

I like it when it rains. In our little country Singapore ,rain is not uncommon. Some people hate the rain because it ruins their plans. An outing to the beach; a family BBQ; a jog in the park; a quiet day by the sea; all dashed. What happens?High spirits sink, moods just trickle down the gutter. I say: what for? As joker puts it: why so serious?

It’s a good time to stay indoors and reflect. Take a good look at your year 2009. 1/6 of the year has passed and what have you accomplished? What did you want out of this year when you made your resolutions? What’s your progress? It’s time to stop and check. 

Sit in a comfortable seat, take out a piece of paper or a diary and jot down what you’ve accomplished. Even the small things like what books you read,how much weight you’ve lost etc. 

Then take out or write down your plans that were made at the start of the year. Now make a comparison. Are you seeing progress?or have you been slacking off? Either way, work on it. Don’t put off your plans, get to them. No matter how little you’ve accomplished, at least you’ve taken the first few steps. Now all you need to do is to complete it. 

Go try it. Get bumped!

*Well dancing in the rain is another alternative if you don’t want to do a review.”

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