Music Moovin

music-rocksMusic has been part of all cultures since the dawn of our species. It’s like a language that touches us in ways so subtle we might not even be aware of it. Can you imagine a day without music, when all you hear is the blare of traffic, the quiet humming of the air conditioning, the squibbling of lovers. Not even a melodious advert on the tv or background music in the office? I can’t, seriously. 

Music is part and parcel of my life. When I walk from place to place, my iPod is always on. When I do work, red hot chilli peppers spurs me on, when I study or read, Mozart soothingly serenades in the background. When I enter my favorite cafe for a hot cuppa, soft lounge music is piped in from above.

There were studies conducted that show how the speed of music can affect your digestion rate in restaurants. Apparently the faster the beat of the music, the faster the patron chews. Music can also motivate you to perform better. My buddy James listens to the beatles calm his nerves before a board presentation. My childhood friend Jon listens to techno music before every golf game and he’s a national team player.

Music can uplift you when you feel lazy and can’t be bothered to do anything. I recommend the following genre’s of music for different purposes.

To get you off the couch: happy pop, rock like oasis, red hot chilli peppers, viva la etc

To cheer you up: pop like howie day, gavin de graw, jack Johnson, Jason mraz etc

To perform better in sports: hard rock, techno, electronica, anything upbeat etc.

To relax: ambient music, jazz, lounge music, classicals

To study better: Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Bach

Well the list doesn’t stop here but these are just a few instances in our life when we can utilize the magic of music. Pick up your iPod when you feel a need for a bump!


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