The Benefits of Whining

WhiningI met up today to have lunch with a dear friend and he was telling me about a certain character who whines all day long in his company. Well I know people who whine and complain much too; i admit, I myself sometimes complain about the most minute of things, but this character apparently whines almost all the time. So I was thinking, what are the benefits of whining?

  1. When we whine, we draw attention to us, sympathy, disgust, concern, all kinds of attention and of all the attention we get, one of the people who notices us would likely stand out to help us (mind you I said would).
  2. When we whine, we vent and let off steam about the issue or job at hand. This lets us focus more on the work later on.
  3. Whining is a softer way to criticize an action or a command given to us. It isn’t as direct as harsh criticism and it gets the message through as well.

What then are the downsides of whining?

  1. For every one person who sympathizes with you, you get one person who can’t stand you. That means lesser people are likely to help you with your task (remember, I typed ‘would help’ above).
  2. For every minute that we whine and vent, that’s every minute lost when we could have done something constructive.
  3. Whining is a soft way of criticizing something, but its a big ugly way to show how much you can only complain but not do anything about it, in other words, a load of hot air.

So by weighing the pros and cons….unless you are as hot as Megan Fox in transformers (mind you, in the movie she’s one tough chick who doesn’t whine), whining makes you look absolutely unattractive.

What can you do about it if its a habit?

Learn from Addidas and Nike cos impossible is nothing if you just do it. Practise moving more talking less for actions speak louder than words. If you really do need help over your problem, just approach a friend and humbly and kindly “ask for advice” about the issue. On most occasions, unless your friend is frantically busy, you’ll get all the help you need.Well I fully understand that at sometimes you just need that little space to expound your dislike for a certain issue, when you do it, please make sure your friend is really willing to listen (:


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