I hate you Neil Gaiman

AmericanGods_MassMarketPaperback_1185415388Ever since I was young, I have always loved stories of gods and legends. They are however fading amidst our new digital world. I hungered and would read extensively in mythology, folklore, any books that could contain a thread of silk leading to the gods. I was insatiable. Well, as I grew up, all these gently faded. I became part of the grey binaric world, locked into maths, science and logic. I was satisfied with the new. Well it never occurred to me to read fiction anymore since because fiction could never bring me to greater heights.

I only started reading fiction and stories yet again when I got so bored of my studies then when I was in college, studying psychology. How dry and unimaginative it was. I read mostly Murakami and Coehlo then. These books set the spark in me. I started practicing Hypnotherapy soon after and only when I started practicing did I realize the importance of stories. Stories are like fruits for the soul. A good one will highly enrich yours. Before long, I picked up first, Lucifer by Vertigo comics, which led me to Sandman. That’s when I got hooked. I hate that addiction. Before long, it was Mirrormask, Stardust, Smoke and Mirrors, The Graveyard book, Coraline and finally, the book that I always saw sitting up there on the shelves but never ever reached out to grab for fear of the addiction – American Gods.

I just finished American Gods today, I started it two nights ago. I hate that book. It got me so addicted from the 1st chapter, I couldn’t stop. While seeing clients, it would flash across my mind; While driving the car, I would wish I took the bus to give me time to read; While out with my girlfriend, I would search for a place to sit and read. It was bad. I really hate it and thank gods ( all of them in the book) its over.

I utterly dislike how he could so easily recruit all those gods from so vast cultures and mingle them in one basket. I was so disgusted with the ease of how the themes of Sacrifice, Betrayal, Loyalty and Faith was so obscenely plot. Most of all, I loathed how I clung onto every word and each time my eyes zipped past a sentence in speed reading form, I had to go back and read them yet again, like licking the left overs from my plate.

The reason why I hate Neil Gaiman, is because he is such a master story teller that merely the thought of comparing myself to him puts me at shame. I am not yet a story teller but I would be. I…

If you have never read this book, and you have a hunger for gods, myths and folklore, PLEASE do not touch this book. It will consume you. It unleashed my hunger yet again.

visit Neil Gaiman at: http://www.neilgaiman.com/

One response to “I hate you Neil Gaiman

  1. Go try Anansi boys, its a good read too!

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