A New Me!

New ImageWhen you are feeling in the dumps and you want to climb out of it but don’t know how, here’s a quick tip: look back at the past few years and find out what has not changed. It is very likely that either a habit, your outlook or image or maybe even all three are causing a problem.

Sometimes the problem is manifested as a mild feeling of depression, or feeling low in esteem or just simply feeling something missing in life. Well, it’s time for the winds of change.

As the age old cliche saying goes, change is the only constant. It applies to us as well. Let us picture ourselves as a river(70% of us is made of water anyways). Imagine what happens when the river stops flowing…the water stagnates. It starts to smell and very soon it becomes undrinkable, poisonous: Well that’s you when you feeling low.

So I recommend you this; It might cause an impact on your comfortable life; it’s meant to. Go for an image make over. Change your hairstyle. Change your wardrobe. Throw away your old shoes. Enroll in a fitness class. Basically discard all your old stagnated stuff and make way for the new. Pick up new activities, meet new people, do something different with your loved one. Get out of that comfort zone. Break down your fortress walls.

It has worked for me, it has worked for my clients, it will work for you. The only reason why it isn’t working is because you’re still clinging on to the old and familiar, all that you’re comfortable with. Well, break out of that comfort zone because that old zone is no longer big enough to hold you. We grow at every stage in life. It’s only natural (:


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