A Short Note on Love

CornHello every body, it’s been a while since I last wrote; I’ve been busy with the renovations at my clinic. Anyways, I was walking around in the malls last week when I came across this piece of writing in a joke store. It might make sense to some while irritate others, either way, I think its rather meaningful:

A boy once asked his teacher what is love. The teacher gave it much thought and he finally replied: “Go to the corn field behind the school and pluck me the largest corn you can find before I give you a reply. There is a catch however, you cannot turn back and pluck the one those that you have past.”

The boy ran out into the cornfield. Upon entering the field, he saw a large ear of corn. As he was about to pluck it, he thought that since the first corn was this large, it was very possible that there could be larger corns inside the field. So he entered the corn field.

An hour later, the boy returned to the teacher. He looked up at the teacher in dismay for he returned empty handed. The teacher smiled and replied, “Love is just like this. You enter into the field thinking that you can always find a larger ear of corn but when you moved on, you realized that the corn you walked past was still larger. Unfortunately for you, just as in life, you can never go back to pick that corn.”

Food for thought for some of us (:


One response to “A Short Note on Love

  1. Nice post..speaks to my heart

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