Dear Mum/Dad

The following is something my little client, aged 13, showed me during one of our sessions. The English had been improved on and edited by me but the crux of it is still there. Something to share 🙂

“Dear Mum/Dad,
I love you, really, but sometimes I’m not sure if you do love me in kind.
I know you do love me and want the best for me, but breathing down my neck and wanting to micro-manage my life won’t get my or your life anywhere. Whenever I come with an idea or an opinion, more often than not it will be met with a remark that neither acknowledges what I say or show the slightest encouragement, and if I’m lucky, I might get sarcasm. It does make me want to wringe your neck.
Whenever I do or learn something new, you have this uncanny ability to belittle me every time. I sometimes wish I can just stomp on you when you do that.
When we talk, you tend to bring up your friend’s children and my cousins, and tell me how much of a better student or kid they are. I suspect you are trying to drive some learning point into me but I feel like putting myself up for adoption. Do I tell you how good my classmates parents are?
You provide me with all the things I need, a roof to sleep under, a nice bed, education and clothes; I’m very grateful for that. But it’s not just not that; I need to know that I am loved not through these, but from the way you behave and talk and listen to me.

I try to point out some of these to you, but the irony is, you say you do all these for the love of me. Can you blame me for feeling the way I do? (I think you probably will).”

*I can relate to what my client feels. Parents tend to mean well but they just can’t express themselves well. They might wanna try this out. The site is very plain, but the content of it speaks for itself. Parents, lets try a little change (:

One response to “Dear Mum/Dad

  1. I hear her…..

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