Hugging Durians

In light of recent encounters with clients, friends and relatives, I noticed something that every one of us tend to do at times. We like to hug durians; hug them close against our bare flesh.

I think it’s because we humans all have a love for drama. Things that have caused us hurt; getting ditched by a gf, unruly bosses, unlucky accidents etc, all these pain both to the body and the heart tends to linger. We would occasionally look back, remember these times and dive into melodrama for a while. It’s like holding on to a durian isn’t it? Each time you look back at this dramatized memory, you give that durian that you’re holding a tight squeeze. Each time you talk about them, the thorns cut deeper. Stop being a masochist.

Ashes of yesterday are long blown away. We can’t do much about it isn’t it? We can’t make a change to the past but we definitely can learn from it. Thank those who have caused you grievous hurt for a life lesson that no amount of money can teach, then take those lessons and live your life today even stronger. Let go of those durians, they hurt and after time they smell close to the depths of hell. Let them drop. I’m not asking you to stop thinking about them, that’s as good as asking a person to not think of a pink elephant. I mean let it go, don’t let your thoughts linger on it. In your every day life stop talking about it, when the thought pops up, acknowledge it and let it slide, don’t entertain it. Take a slow deep breath and let it go.

I admid it would be hard to forgive the people who hurt us, well you don’t have to. Just don’t brood over them. It’s not healthy. Let it slide.

Live life braver, a tad wiser and a whole lot happier. Don’t let tomorrow go to ashes.

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