Be Human, Change

Humans are creatures of habit. We like familiarity. It’s in our traditions to like to stay the way we are. We like what we’re used to. So often, when we’re faced with a choice between two elements, one familiar and the other mysterious, we’d choose the familiar. It can’t be helped. It’s only part of nature.

Look at art, architecture, dance, education. All these realms resist change and only accept it in trickles and drips.  Take architecture for instance, it took years before the modernist movement started getting recognition. It started in the early 1905 but only after 25 odd years of pushing and struggling did the modernist approach gain acceptance by the public. Change is hard.

The only reason why change is hard, is you. That inherent fear hibernates in familiarity but manifests itself like a shroud veiling your eyes when an opportunity to change comes. You’d hear yourself saying: Its impossible! Preposterous! What a crazy idea!

But Change is what makes reality possible. Change is what drives the human mind forward. Change is the propellant for technological advances. Change is that piggy bank waiting to be smashed open. Change is when you feel that rush of freshness shooting up your spine. Change is that ethereal lightness in your body.  Change is the moment you spread your wings and leap. Change is the only constant.  To change is to be human.

Its easy to shun change, but when an opportunity for change that can benefit you trods along, pull onto its reins and ride it like an adventure! You never know where you’ll end up at.


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