Getting Out Of The Fog of Uncertainty

When we journey down the path of life, sometimes its a bright sunny day, sometimes its a rainy day and occasionally its a foggy day. On a sunny day, we feel as if we walk the path of light and own the world; On a rainy day we just want to hide at home and maybe hug a pillow; But on a foggy day, we wander around …not knowing what’s ahead…lost…

If you have experienced the fog or are currently experiencing it, you will need the Compass of Purpose. This compass will guide you through the fog like a lighthouse. It will always point you in the right direction and no matter what path you take, what twists and turns, you will reach that destination.

To forge your own compass of purpose, you will need a combination of these questions:

  1. What do I want out of life?
  2. Where am I now on my plotted out plan?
  3. What can I do next to achieve that?

What if you answer I don’t know to all this questions? It doesn’t mean that your compass is broken. It just means that it needs some recalibrating. Take these questions to a quiet and safe place. Then start asking your heart. The first image you get from these questions are normally what your heart truly desire.

When you are holding your compass in your hands, keep walking and never backtrack!


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