Inception : A Hypnotherapist’s Perspective

The subconscious mind as portrayed by the movie is brilliant! Yes our subconscious mind is that powerful, yes it is that creative and most importantly, yes it is that malleable.

*Spoiler Alert* If you have not watched the movie please do not read this, well you could if you’re really curious.

Reality is as good as what we believe it to be.

Just as Dom (played by Leornado Dicapro) says, the mind believes whatever it wants to believes. Have you ever hallucinated? Or have you ever had a dream so real it seemed to be a part of your memory? When your hallucination or your dream seemed so real, it could alter your whole perspective. In the movie, a Beautiful Mind, we see John Nash experiencing hallucinations which wreck havoc on his life; sometimes what we perceive to be reality is just another hallucination. Just as it is studied in Forensic Psychology, memories can be altered easily. It happens frequently to every one too. Most of the time it is the little details that change, for instance the colour of your dress or the friends who went with you to an event or maybe even your favorite childhood snack.

So how does inception play a part in our personality or thoughts?
Let’s take the example of a phobia. A phobia can start out as innocently as a thought of a needle. We all know needles are sharp and pointed. So let’s take for instance the image of a needle piercing the flesh of a meatball. It’s a simple thought but for some people, they might start relating more to the needle; maybe imagining the needle piercing their arms, maybe imagining their eyeballs as the meatball, or even imagine themselves looking straight into a needle point. Give this idea a few years of emotional and psychological fertilization and you would have grown a phobia. Scary thought isn’t it? Well that is the general concept of planting ideas.

Now did he wake up or was he stuck in a dream?

Just as I explained above, the mind believes what it wants to believe. So long as your perception of things is what you truly believe in, it is your reality. It’s just like how some people are living their dream life or their heaven on earth, be it in the world of in an asylum. For Dom, he has achieved true happiness and it didn’t matter to him. I believe that he is still in limbo. As he explained, Limbo can be an infinite number of years and is made of what you make of it. He didn’t mention that it would be torture. In the end, he entered his own version of paradise. I believe that when he finally let go of the guilt of Mal, he released himself from the torment. After which he entered Saito’s Limbo to save Saito. However the years of Limbo were harsh on Saito and Saito could barely recognize him.  He was shot by Saito and his death launched him to a deeper level of Limbo. As explained by Dom, when you die at a deep level of your unconscious, you are launched into a level of Limbo. The scene where he wakes up in the Airplane is his entrance into deep Limbo.  And in his limbo of bliss, he finally got to see his children.

How did he do it?

He let go of the guilt. When I saw that scene with him and Mal, I thought: Hey! That’s what I do in hypnotherapy all the time!! Letting go of past hurt and reconciliation. What you saw is a dramatized version of the therapy I do. The effects of the therapy is just like the movie, a release. This happened at two points in the movie for two different people, between Fischer and Fisher Junior, and between Dom and Mal. A release has a tremendous effect on a person. It could lift the spirit from decades of pain and torment. That was exactly what Dom felt and thus even though he was launched into deeper limbo, it was a paradise for him.

When your mind truly believes that you have achieved what you want, does your perception change if you’re awake or in Limbo?

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2 responses to “Inception : A Hypnotherapist’s Perspective

  1. Wow, never saw it that way. I thought he woke up to reality.

    Your view on this is rather Buddhist isn’t it? Where our lives can either be a living hell like Samsara or a paradise like Nirvana

  2. No I believe he woke up to reality, its pretty obvious. When you die in a Limbo, you wake up!

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