Alcoholism, Depression And You!


Being able to have fun prolongs your life

A little bit of Alcohol Could prevent depression


I came across this article today and I found it very interesting. It writes about how people who abstain from alcohol actually have a higher chance of falling into depression! My goal is not to promote drinking by sharing this article but to talk about something else: Moderation. According to the article, zero alcohol gives you a higher chance of depression; on the other side of the spectrum, too much alcohol can also give you depression. The people however who drink are not heavy drinkers but middle drinkers have lesser chance of getting depression and actually live longer!

There is a learning lesson here. Our minds are very dichotomous, or rather we tend to perceive things as either black or white, true or false, good or bad; sometimes in life, we forget that grey is actually the predominant color in between these two extremes. Lets take salt as an example, try not adding salt to your food and it will taste very very bland, yet when you add too much salt to your food, not only do you increase the risk of getting a cardiac arrest, you also ruin your food. Even fat in your food. Health experts warn that eating fatty food could lead to higher blood pressure, higher this and that, but do take note, most of this experts say eating TOO much fatty food, not fatty food. Fatty food in little amounts are fine, in fact they are good! The fat in our food keeps us happy, it feeds our brain and it allows us to think faster and better because fat lines our brain’s neurons.

I’m no advocate for risk taking behavior nor doing bad things but imagine living life all goody two can’t do this, you can’t do that…wouldn’t life be kinda boring?


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