I Bid You Good Night/Good Day


Will sleeping in really help you become a more successful person?

Sleeping late and Waking Up late is better for you! Or is it?


Are you a lark or an owl? Personally I’m an owl and I rejoiced when I came across this article that describes how owls do better than larks. It describes briefly how people who sleep late and wake up late do better in life than people who turns in early and sleeps early. Apparently people who sleep late are able to stay alert and awake longer periods of time than people who sleep early. Not only are they better at staying alert, their memory and cognitive abilities are better too.

However when I finished reading the article, my fervor to defend my lights to sleep in waned. I don’t believe I need a study to prove that people who get up late and go to late for work will get fired. You see, it struck me that even if scientists were to discover that sleeping at 4am and waking at 11am is better for a select group of people, the truth of society now is that the world starts at 8am and ends at about 8pm. If you’re gonna miss out on society just because your body was meant to wake up later, then I bid you a good luck and all the best in getting your riches.

I met a rather haughty millionaire a year ago and even though I didn’t really agree with the way he talked to people, his words did hold a lot of wisdom. He told me:” If you want to be successful, you sleepĀ  later than all your peers and wake upĀ  earlier than all of them; spend more of your time in improving your business and your personal abilities.” I wonder what the results would be like if we managed to collate the times that the most successful people in the world go to bed and get up, before they became successful; After all why measure what time he sleeps and gets up after he becomes successful when people really want to find out what it takes to be successful? (:


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