Stephen Gilligan and Generative Trance


Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan is the student of Milton Erickson that most resembles him


Hey people,

Me and my center are going down to Kota Kinabalu on 1st of October for a 3day seminar with Stephen Gilligan Ph.d on Generative Trance. Apparently its a technique that can let people enter trance state without the use of hypnosis or NLP. Sounds pretty cool huh, you guys are more than welcome to join us.  A little about Stephen Gilligan. For those of you who are familiar with NLP and hypnosis, Milton Erickson was a leading figure. Stephen here is his student and is said to be the student that resembles most closely of the master. Follow this link to get more details about the course:


3 responses to “Stephen Gilligan and Generative Trance

  1. Matchless topic, it is pleasant to me))))

  2. So how was the three days? What did you do/learn?

    • Wow, you have to attend it to experience it. It’s fantastic. You learn to enter trance through a very very simple mind body technique. I highly recommend it! Best 3 day course so far haha!

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