The New Age of Education!


Studying hard may not work out right

Study Smart, not Hard, More importantly have FUN


We all grew up learning that when we study, we have to maintain the following:

  1. Quiet Environment/Soft music
  2. Focused attention on the topic at hand
  3. Study for hours and hours at each sitting
  4. Rigorous practice is vital
  5. Sit upright and do not move from that location. If you’re in the study room, stay there.

Well, all that age old myths on studying were never proven scientifically but they worked to a certain extent. BUT! We now have scientific evidence that these techniques do not work as well as we hoped! In fact, a more efficient learning style would be to take the plunge and just have fun! Trial-and-Error and allowing the brain space to assimilate information by itself seems to work off really well. It’s kind of like learning to drive for the first time without an instructor – you might hit into something, but keep going and you will learn how to drive the car!

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