Lose Control Of Yourself Before You Lose It!

Alcohol Addiction could be caused by a need to be yourself

Lose Control or Lose Yourself!

I just attended a workshop by Dr Stephen Gilligan and one of the topics he touched on is Control. I found that topic absolutely interesting. To put it simply, “If you do not lose control consciously, your body will lose control unconsciously.”

In what ways will the body lose control unconsciously? These manifestations vary from people to people. Some clients I meet constantly fly into uncontrolled rage, some slip in and out of depression, some stick to cigarettes and binge drinking and there was even one who had full body psoriasis! I would interpret all of these symptoms as the unconscious mind’s way of saying: “I NEED REST!”

I’ll share with you about Tom (Not his real name). Tom is a regular smoker – 2 packs of Marlboro Reds a day. He is the CEO of a Multi National IT Company. He works from Monday – Sunday, from 7am to 7am literally. He has a beautiful and caring wife and 2 kids. His wife used to complain that when he was at home, his mind was never at home. He would either be fiddling his Blackberry or calling someone on his mobile. On top of that, he smokes every moment he can. When we talked more in detail, we realized that his desire to smoke stemmed from his desire to get some “My Time”. The moment these words left him, you could just see realization flood his face. He has made a pledge to turn off his blackberry after 8 pm every day and to make his 2nd in command take over weekend duties. Best piece of news is that he has stopped smoking and found himself every since.

Losing control is a necessity of the body, it is the act of getting in touch with our inner self.  Losing control and getting in touch with your inner self will result from doing things that brings you inner peace. This could be relaxing on the couch, reading a book, playing some music or even day dreaming! Getting in touch with our inner self is just such a pleasurable experience. Its utterly enjoyable and best of all its stress free!

That said, isn’t it time to go lose yourself before you lose it 🙂 ? **Healthily and mindfully please!

If you find that you’re too deep into it, maybe some hypnotherapy can help you regain yourself.


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