Barney Stinson Will Save The World!


The Legendary Hero

Global Warming, Financial Apocalypse, This guy has the answer


Haaaave you met Barney? He’s suave, charismatic,financially sound and the epitome of Awesome. He’s a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, a fighter pilot, an Astronaut and in some episodes of How I Met Your Mother he is also ‘Ted Mosby’. Barney Stinson is my hero and I truly believe that he will save the world from Global Warming, Financial Apocalypse, Animal Flu Pandemic, Mass Depression and Alien Invasion!

If you have not met him, Barney Stinson is one of the main characters in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In the show, he is the guy who goes all out just to hook up with any girl. The strategies he employ will put any tactician to shame. Not to mention his courage to try the unconventional. He pretended to be a doctor, a paramedic and even masqueraded as an astronaut! He would dream of all the most dastardly of ideas to hook up with that hot girl and to give his buddies some fun. By the way, He’s also one of the main ingredients to the success of the show.

If your life needs a change, you need Barney

Barney is the key to your life's success

Barney Stinson will save the world because in him lies the resilience to withstand emotional pain; the ability to recover from being hit by a bus; immunity to depression; invulnerability to most psychological affects. Anxiety issues will no longer stay, fears will easily be conquered and your self esteem could easily take you to the moon. Can you imagine life with a Barney around? Well imagine no more!

In you lies a Barney and in Barney lies the spirit of adventure. The spirit of adventure is one of the main ingredients that will make your show, the show of life, a success. Go find your Barney, make a date with him and be AWESOME!


4 responses to “Barney Stinson Will Save The World!

  1. Thanks TK, just what i needed! A lil BARNIFICATION! Im Subscribed!

  2. leggendario what else^^

  3. Hes the best!! ❤

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