The Blessings Cycle: Why Good Fortune Doesn’t Shine On To Every One All The Time


Do you tend your garden well?

The Garden Of Life


I met a client today who complained about a program she watched. It’s called ‘The Secret’. The program talks about the law of attraction and how thinking positive will bring positive results into your life. Apparently for her, it doesn’t work. What she needed was the cycle of blessings.

She sobbed about how that law has not worked in her life even though she’s been positive for a month since she lost her job, all she’s been getting is bad news one after each other. After the one month mark her positivity waned n she slumped into negativity. That’s when things got worse. During the one month period of brief positivity, she went for a few interviews. Sadly she didn’t hear from the companies since. Ever since she slid into negativity, she hasn’t clinched a single interview.


The Shower of Blessings

The Shower of Blessings


She’s been putting on weight, quarreling much more with her son, got dumped by 3 boyfriends and even ostracized by the members of her church. Her life became a soap opera. She needed an escape. She slid into depression and wanted to end her life when she heard of our practice. That’s how she met me. Through the interactions with me, we discovered the Cycle Of Blessings.

Your life is like a garden in a hot and dry climate. You need to tend to the flowers and to the weeds. You can’t tend to just the flowers or the weeds for the garden would die that way. Blessings are like the occasional rain. When the rain comes, the garden rejoices. The rain waters the ground deeply, cools down the temperature and raises the humidity to optimum levels for flower growth. That’s what’s great about rain. What’s bad about rain is that the rain clouds will run out of rain after awhile. Then things go back to that hot and dry weather.

So is life. Blessings come like the rain. Sometimes many at a time or sometimes your blessings last for a long period of time. But there will be a time when you realize that you run out of good stuff happening to you. It happens. When life just seem like it’s heading no where, while you see people around you enjoying their share of good luck. It’s not because life is tougher for you, nor did the powers that be choose you to suffer. It’s just that life has it’s ups and downs. You need to give time for the rain clouds to gather again.


Rain or shine we need both!

I like rain and I like a clear sunny sky


For that you need to always be in a position to welcome that blessing. Negativity is the surest way to reject the good stuff in your life. What my client discovered was that with a little perseverance, a pinch of positivity and alot of smiling, life got better in no time for her. All she needed was to make her way round the cycle, to the period of blessing. Don’t tend to your garden only after it rains. You need to tend to your garden all the time so that it will be in a state ready to accept the shower of blessings.

Love your garden! Bump!

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