Hypnotherapy: How I Make Men Cluck Like Chickens


Cluck Like A Chicken

Cluck Cluck Cluck Hypnosis


I can make a person cluck like a chicken; I can make a person stiff as a plank n place him between two chairs 4-5 feet apart; i can make a depressive hop out of bed eager for the next bit of action; I could even stop a bleeding wound with my voice. Want to know how?

I went back to my high school today to give out copies of my book A Bowl Full of Ice Cream. When my teachers saw me they smiled warmly like the sun. When they saw my business card, it felt like clouds gathering in front of them. Some didn’t look me in the eye, some talked warily and some smiled meekly haha. It was amusing to see them show such concern.

So I was popped the inevitable question: ” can you make someone cluck like a chicken?”
“I can” said I, firmly.
“Gasp!” their eyes opened with amusement.
“Well only if you allow me,” I mused. I have done all of those fantastic feats mentioned above before, but the truth of it is that I have never truly made those people do those things. They did.

In every one, all of you, there is the capacity to go beyond your imagination. We grew up in cots, and as adults, we unknowingly built cots for ourselves our whole lives. I help people climb out of their cots and run free. The crux of the matter is, you have to want to run beyond your cot.

No more depression, just feeling free from gravity

Be Free Like The Eagle



You are the vessel of change and ability. Your limiting beliefs are the walls if the giant cot you lived in your whole life. You can be the change. I just enjoy being the one to nudge you out of it.

If anything, we hypnotherapists don’t turn Man into Chickens, we make Eagles of Man. I humbly thank you, the people I have worked with for the chance to allow this change.


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