Weight Loss Program GUARANTEED! Using the latest in Sleep Technology!


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Now we know weight loss in the hypnotherapist's couch really works


Are you too busy to exercise? Can’t live without comfort food? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Now you can lose weight without exercise and without having to stop eating comfort food totally! Using the latest breakthrough in Sleep Technology, we will help you drop that dress size! Wearing that Speedo will be ultra sexy on you! How?The breakthrough was made in the University of Chicago Sleep Research Laboratory. Researchers compared two groups of non-smoking obese people. Their calorie intake was moderately restricted and the difference in the two groups is that one group sleeps for 8.5 hours a night while the other sleeps for 5.5 hours.

Interestingly, the group that slept only 5.5 hours lost muscle mass and woke up feeling hungrier than usual! The group that slept 8.5hours long lost more fat and woke up feeling less hungry. Now isn’t that curious?

Maybe that’s why people who come in for hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss do see results. After all, the first step I do for them is to help them get better sleep. Next time you set yourself down to a weight loss program, make sure you write down “LOTS of sleep” in your to do checklist!

To read the original blog post that I picked this out from, click here

To see the original study, click here

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  1. I like this! ahahahhaa..

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