Listen To Your Body To Communicate Effectively

Oops I did it again

Misunderstandings and break downs in communications happen to some people often. In our world now where we are constantly trying to let ourselves be heard, we try very hard to hone our speaking abilities. Yet we lose out on the most important one of all, listening.

In every conversation, there is speaking and there is listening, to be good at only one isn’t too wise. Yet we do this all the time. Recall the last conversation that you have had. How many times were you eager to chip in your opinion, how many times were you interrupted while you’re talking? It happens quite alot nowadays, so much that it has uncomfortably become part of our lives. I do not like this.

We are all born with 2 ears and a mouth. Its a sign to us from the creator, who ever he may be, that we are born to use our ears twice as much and our mouth just once. Listen more and speak less. Its my rule of thumb. It’s hard to follow this rule sometimes because we are all eager to guess the ending of what our dialogue partner is talking about, or sometimes a thought popped into our mind and it is hard to keep it in lest we forget. But, following this rule will let your partner know that you are sincerely listening to him/her and will give him/her lots of free space for expression. In effective communication, isn’t that we are looking for? To allow our dialogue partner to feel that they have all the space in the world to express themselves? Its a very simple principle but it works.

I Hear You!

Your homework, try doing this for the next 72 hours and see how much happier people are to talk to you. Remember, listen twice as much, speak one time lesser.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” – Abraham Lincoln

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