Resolve; The Spirit To Keep On Going

Can You Stand The Heat?

Resolve is the resilience and the strength to chase your dreams. Without resolve, it would be hard to even graze your dreams. How do we build up our resolve for success?

Resolve is a spirit. It’s not a value because even the most hardened of criminals have it. It’s the spirit that never backs down, never says die. Resolve is like the sword that every hero welds.

For this sword has to be placed in scorching fire, to be melted down, then while you’re still burning and glowing from the heat, you will be beaten and bent into extraordinary shapes and thinness. The force of the mallet so strong it could crack your skull. Continuous poundings until you are near the brink of breaking. So long as you don’t break, you will return sharper and stronger.

Resolve is as such, the spirit to that never gives in to failure, torment, hardship while allowing yourself to be bent and changed mentally and emotionally to become stronger. Without hardship, without failure, you can never learn resolve.

Are you willing to submit yourself to the flames? I’m sure you can!


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