5 Humble Tips On Humility

A Great Smile Goes A Long Way

There are great people who win you over with what they have achieved in life, with their talents, their business acumen etc, and there are great people who just win you over by being who they are. Of the all the great teachers that I meet, the one thing that I find most in common amongst them is Humility. Here are some of the things that I have learnt from them.

Be good mannered – These people are really polite in every thing they say. Even if they don’t like something or they say no to you, they put it across to you so gently that you feel good being rejected.

Speak less, listen more – These people don’t jump to offer their opinions or share their experiences unless they are asked. Its quite interesting to notice that people with much lesser experience to share will tend to offer their opinion over-enthusiastically, as if to say, “Listen to me, I’m an expert in this.”

Speak calmly and steadily – Your speaking speed can effect the mood of the conversation. Speak to fast and people might get excited or agitated. Speak too slowly and your listener might get bored. Speak calmly and steadily and your listeners will feel at ease.

Don’t be too picky – One man’s meat is another man’s poison; Though every one has their likes and dislikes, sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to just try a little bit. It won’t hurt to just have a little taste. Then if it doesn’t suit them, they will never say that its no good; They just say that the food is interesting but their just not used to it. If they really don’t want to try something else, they will politely decline the invitation.

Smile Gently – The final and most important factor; Have a great smile. All of them have a smile that will win you over. They all smile from the heart and are very good natured. This is the key factor. Without a gentle and warm smile, you will never come across as one with humility.

One of the great guy called Professor Caracol taught me some of this, not in words but in his manners. This is him:

Professor Caracol In Mid Flight

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