Gaming Addiction?

This is meant for parents who have kids addicted to gaming and to YOU if you’re addicted to Facebooking/Twittering/Gaming. A very sincere and though provoking video. Hope you enjoy it!


3 responses to “Gaming Addiction?

  1. I will want to defer something! I wonder what you mean by Twitter Addict? Twitter is another kind of blog call Mirco-Blogging, which allow us to know and get updated with things around and the people around. For Facebook, other than the games, I think it let us know someone with needing the person there realtime.

    • Twitter addicts are people who spend their time looking at tweet decks about other people’s lives rather than make a move on their own. Interestingly, it could take up as much time as facebook or maybe even more as you constantly wait for the twitter user to update his tweet. Take for instance if you imagine the amount of time some teenage girls take to check out their favorite celebrity tweets, how many minutes if not hours would that take?

  2. I think it’s rather extreme to blame the object of addiction for lost opportunities in life. In the end, it wasn’t really video games that wasted the life of the guy that made this video – it was just his addiction. There’s a difference.

    People get addicted to different things, and it’s usually the addiction that ruins lives. You take away the current object of addiction, sooner or later, another one comes along. 治标不治本。

    I guess it’s more attention-catching to target a particular object and then give the lecture, but in this video, I thought it sad that the guy didn’t seem to notice that he ruined his own life of 30 years, and only twds the end of the video did he seem to gain an inkling of this.

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