Its A Wonderful Life

Gratefulness = Happiness!

According to this article, it says that people who are more grateful lead happier lives. I do believe it is common sense though, all the same, this is a very interesting read.

When you feel satisfied with something, doesn’t every thing seem to work out just right? When your expectations are all met, doesn’t the world feel more beautiful? This is exactly what being grateful does. Being grateful allows you to feel as if your world is a blessing to you.

How many times in your life have you felt this way? There are some people who feel as if the world owes them everything, that the world is supposed to provide for them; What do they get in the end? Just mismatched expectations and alot of disappointment.  Life does not owe you anything, life gives you every thing so long as you are open enough to receive it. Spread your arms wide to receive its blessings.

The key to being open is to first be grateful. One of the exercises that is recommended in this article is the “Its a Wonderful Life” approach where you are made to imagine life without your family, your spouse, your child etc. It was found that people who were made to mentally subtract these vital personalities from their lives actually value them better. Be grateful for your parents, for who you are, for what you have and what you are about to have 🙂


One response to “Its A Wonderful Life

  1. Inspirational…thank you we discussed this recently on a Hypnotherapy training course in Milton Keynes. Motivation and towards over away from motivation in particular was interesting and this coupled with the items in your post will certainly help bring resolution.

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