WikiLeaks and Yourself

Are you like a fish in a fishbowl?

A client shared this idea with me. When WikiLeaks started posting diplomatic Cables online, he read them and he claims to have gotten a glimpse into the ‘true workings’ of the world. A moment later, he realized that he has never really taken a good glimpse at his own inner world before. That day he sat down and he started to let his subconscious mind leak and thats when he broke down.

He says that he has noticed slight signs of his problems before, just that he would always brush them off with thoughts such as “Be realistic”, “Stop imagining things” etc. But the crux of the matter is that when these thoughts surface, it must have come from somewhere.

So when he embarked on his journey of self-discovery, he found many root beliefs and desires. Though initially his defense mechanism of denial kicked in quite strongly,  he was able to subdue it by opening his heart and accepting what ever he finds. He found alot: Sexual Abuse, growing up in a family that chastises and criticizes, a feeling of weakness in every thing he does. It was heart wrenching to hear him talk about what he found.

Interestingly, who he was today was built upon his past. He is rather successful today but there are just some eccentricities that he wanted to iron out and thus he came to me. He struck a chord in me when he said:

“People these days are too busy trying to chase success that they fail to take care of their inner selves. They are stuck in shells shaped by society’s needs. I am one such person and I see my past right now unconsciously acted out upon my own children. ”

He says that getting in touch with his inner desires and thoughts was the greatest thing to have ever happened to him. You could do this too. Block out an hour of your time, find a place in a park or at home; turn off all your handphones, your blackberries etc; Tell the family that you are gonna take a nap and that no one is to disturb you. Then sit down, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath and let your mind wonder. The journey could be tiring, but it is definitely rewarding.

We all have various needs in life but the most fundamental need is to get in touch with ourselves. If we don’t, then we might find ourselves lost to the sea of society. Take care not to drown!


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