A New Year! A New Dawn!

Step into a New Day

Over the past decade, we saw the rise of high speed internet all over the country; we saw the rise of a few leaders like Obama; We saw the demise of a few; Global catastrophes seem to add on every year; The Human Genome was mapped; Space tourism became a possibility; We had NEWater! Well every year something exciting happens. Do new changes happen to you?

One fact of life is that change is the only constant. Resisting change will only result in problems, some manifested as emotional or psychological problems; Take for instance Botox Queens. Embrace change, if something isn’t working for you anymore change it.

You may try really hard and persist with all your might to fix things but if its not working, its not working. Change. As humans, we have the wonderful luxury of deciding who we want to be and what we want to be. The only thing that is truly stopping us is our beliefs.

Who you are is decided by who you believe yourself to be. If you believe yourself to be an insomniac, then no one in the world can convince you that you are not. Only you can. The good news is, we ALL can make this change.

Lets take this opportunity to plot some changes that we want in our lives. Its 2 days to the new year. Take about half an hour and think about who you are. Make a list and then edit it accordingly. Take your new list and stick it beside your mirror. Every morning when you brush your teeth, look at this list and affirm it. Without having to go under the knife, you will metamorphosize into someone different.

Remember, if you do make a mistake along the way, its just a signpost telling you to try another way. Failure is an excuse, not a reality. Step into a new year, into a new you.


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