Sheepless Sleep

This is an article that I wrote for Cozycot on Sleepless nights. Hope it helps those of you who have problems sleeping. If not, hope you enjoy the read!

It’s the night before an important day. You know you need a good night’s sleep, so you go to bed earlier than usual. As you close your eyes, you wait. You try your best to sleep, but the harder you try, the more difficult it gets. Time trickles away slowly and before your know it, the night has gone by. There goes your confidence to perform well the next day. Can you imagine if this happens on a daily basis?

Bad sleep is linked to many health problems. Studies show that sleeping too little leads to earlier death; it increases your chances of heart disease; the body becomes more susceptible to cancer; the immune system fails to function as well as it should.

On the other hand, good sleep has many benefits. Your eyes will twinkle like little stars with no dark circles or eyebags to mar them. Your breath will smell sweeter. You’ll enjoy a brighter, clearer complexion, tighter skin and reduced pore size. You’ll look younger. You’ll even be less likely to put on weight.

No wonder people would do anything to be able to sleep better. Many resort to popping pills and drinking alcohol, but both are strongly discouraged as they lead to addiction. Besides, alcohol-induced sleep is not good sleep. How then can we sleep?

Besides medical conditions such as aches or pain that prevent sleep, the most common ailment is the inability to stop thinking. The mind seems to go into overdrive when it thinks. It just doesn’t stop. It seems to be worrying all the time over everything, most of all, over not being able to sleep. Then the problem comes when we try to stop our mind form thinking, because we start to think even more.

How hypnosis can help
Many of our problems and habits are driven by the subconscious mind. Due to its nature, it is hard for anyone to change their subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help you to sleep better because the suggestions given by the therapist will easily enter your subconscious mind. These suggestions will work for you while you sleep and subconsciously while you’re awake to help you achieve results. The best thing about these suggestions is that if you disagree with any of them, subconsciously you have the ability to reject them.

How does it work? Based on scientific studies, our body actually secretes Melatonin when we are in a deep state of hypnosis. Melatonin is the hormone that takes care of your sleeping abilities and can be found in most sleeping pills. When you enter the state of hypnosis, your body will flood you with Melatonin, allowing you to comfortably enter deep sleep. Our clients have seen results simply from the power of suggestion. We help them to worry less and enjoy sleep more. To help you worrisome mind think less about sleep, here are a few misconceptions that may be keeping you up.
1. I might dream too much and dreaming interrupts my sleep.

    Contrary to belief, if a person doesn’t get to dream, his mind will shut down within 72 hours. Dreams are the batteries for the mind to allow it to regenerate cells and consolidate information from the day. An average person dreams about four to six times a night.

    2. I just stay awake the whole night and I can’t seem to fall asleep.

      My clients recount closing their eyes and trying to sleep while time simply flies by. In sleep clinics, research shows that when insomniacs are in bed trying to sleep, each time they close their eyes – even though they look as if they’re frowning – they actually enter small pockets of light sleep. If these pockets of sleep were added up, they actually sleep about as much as a regular person. They do get enough sleep, but the mind doesn’t think so.

      3. A lack of sleep at night can be compensated by a nap in the day or sleeping more the next day.

        Even one hour less can affect the rejuvenating properties of sleep. Imagine cutting back time on the treadmill – it just doesn’t work! Sleep has to take place in one go. A day’s lack of sleep will need four days of overcompensating to finally recover. Do your math and calculate your sleep depth.

        4. My mind just seems to think too much.

          It’s strange but when you try to relax, even in yoga or meditation class, your mind suddenly becomes a receptor to thoughts and you seem to think a lot more. That’s what happens when people relax, your mind relaxes and you no longer focus on just one thought. There is always an undercurrent of thoughts going through our heads at any one time but being conscious allows us to focus on them one at a time. When you relax, it is very normal to suddenly feel as if you are thinking more.

          A simple tip to fall asleep more easily

          When you try to stop thinking, you actually think more. When you realise that you’re not sleeping, and you try to force yourself to sleep, you actually stay awake. It’s the rule of negatives: Don’t think of the pink elephant, and look what happens, the pink elephant starts rampaging in your mind. When you need to fall asleep, a very effective and simple way is to relax your body parts one by one. When you have finished relaxing all of them, start the cycle all over again and this time, double the depth of relaxation. Let go of any conscious thought or notion related to sleep, just focus on relaxation. Let your body take care of sleep while you take care of your mind.

          This simple tip has helped countless clients and it will help you too as long as you allow it to. In our goal to look younger, feel younger and be more beautiful, I do hope that you progress in your mastery over sleep for sleep is truly one of the most wonderful experiences of life; especially if you haven’t slept well in a long time. Just as I say to my clients, when I count to 10 and snap my fingers, you will enter a very deep sleep.


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