A New Scoop Of Ice Cream: Crossroads

Life seems to always be full of crossroads and we are always made to choose. Have you ever thought “Maybe the other way would have been better”? I have crafted this story for you. Enjoy
A woman hiking aimlessly entered a narrow valley between two steep mountains. The mountain face was smooth and dark. Little vegetation grew where she walked. As she stands between the steep valley walls, she walks along the only path presented to her. She comes upon a fork in the road, both paths leading round a treacherous looking mountain.
The path on the left looks bright, clear of foliage and with a very gentle gradient. The path on the right was covered thick with canopy and she could see some rotten logs on the floor. She has no way of knowing which road will let her cross the mountain faster. Confused and worried, she prayed for some guidance. She felt a little jerk and found herself staring at herself in disbelief.
“Who are you?” they chorused, then realizing that they are just a part of each other, they both looked at the two paths presented to them. They nodded at each other and set down their separate paths. (Lets call them A and B)
As A walks down the path on the left, she thinks to herself, what a wonderful choice she just made, part B must be regretting her decision by now. But as the journey bore on and no end in sight, she started to have her doubts. The scenery didn’t change, not one bit.
“Maybe the other road would have been more fun. This road is long, boring and tiresome.” she lamented.  She realized that each time she stood still to ponder whether to turn back or not, she stood very still. She turned back to look at the way she walked and wondered if she should head back and try the other way. Yet some part in her pushed her on, for she never knows if the end is just round the corner. Every step counted. Eventually she reached the end of the road where she came to a little hut. She sat down at the doorstep, panting. She felt very pleased with herself. This road helped build her determination. While she smiles, lets go back to the start of the journey to look at B.
B embarks down the dark path. She proceeds to slip her left hand into her glove and with her right hand, pulled out her machete. She walked gallantly into the thick foliage. She hacked and slashed… well she tried to but it turns out that when you really try to hack and slash at foliage, it isn’t as easy as how Indiana Jones or Rambo made it look. When she actually did it…It was REALLY REALLY hard. Her arms grew tired from all the hacking. More ever, occassionally she had to hop over rotting logs, crawl under logs that are too high and even avoid snakes coiled on the cool forest floor.
“Maybe the other way would have been a better idea. This way is just too troublesome.” She thought, but as she looked back at the road she hacked for herself, it just didnt feel right to walk back and waste her efforts. So she pushed on. The end could be near.
She found that the more she hacked, the easier hacking became. The more she hopped over logs, the higher she hopped. The more she avoided traps and snakes, the keener her senses. Eventually, she ended up at the hut as well where she sees A. Relieved and grateful, she ran over to A.
They hugged when they met and exchanged experiences. They both discovered something in common, that at one point, both of them doubted their choices and pondered about the other road. Yet despite their doubts, when they focused on the road, there was something to be learnt. A learnt perseverance while B learnt how to survive better in a jungle.
She smiled as she sat at the doorstep by herself. Its not about which path is better, but how well you walk it. Every path has its lessons and every lesson makes us better prepared for the next path to come.
We are all born with feet pointing forward; So as johnny walker says, keep walking.

I'm not advocating Drinking!


2 responses to “A New Scoop Of Ice Cream: Crossroads

  1. I really like your blog. Thank you for writing 🙂

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