The Last Drop

There was a man who was crawling through the desert, in search for a drop of water. As every second bled by, his energy drained away more and more. He needed water.

Light shimmered suspiciously  in the distance. He gazed and stared hard at the light, trying to ascertain the source of it. His eyes grew larger and wider as he stared. OASIS!! He screamed as he picked himself up with new found strength. He ran and stumbled and tripped as he approached the oasis.

His hands dropped to the floor and he plunged his head into the cool water. The water tasted so sweet and refreshing he could almost feel it coursing though his body. When he had enough, he looked up and marveled at the richness of this oasis.
There were exotic fruits, palm trees, some patches of grass and much shade. What a sight for sore eyes! He walked through the trees, gathering the exotic fruits and while doing so, he bites into their succulent flesh, tantalizing bursts of sweetness. He made up his mind to stay here. This would be his paradise.

Every day he lived off the oasis. The days melted together as he built his little home. He made himself very comfortable in the oasis and watched as the sun made it’s rounds day by day. The fruits and water from the oasis were consumed slowly. Each time when the fruits were about to run out, the man would ration his food and within a week more fruits would appear on the trees. Each time when the water level drops, the man would drink lesser and eventually the annual rain came and replenished the lost water.

Back in the back of his mind he knew something had to be done. He needed to find ways to maintain a constant supply of fruits and water or possibly get more. He thought of digging a well, placing more catchment pots and even growing more of the oasis. Yet by the time his ideas came to him, so did the annual rain and all his ideas seemed to wash away. This carried on for a very long time and none of his ideas ever materialized.

As the years went by he noticed that the annual rain did not bring as much water as it used to. The trees did not bare as much fruit. Yet it still didn’t bother him.

Eventually as he aged, the year came when the annual rain did not come. The trees did not bare as much fruit. But he was an optimist and looked forward to the next year’s rain. Next year didn’t rain as well and neither did the following year. By third year, the plants had withered and the oasis had dried up. There were but a few strands of grass. Age had drained from the man and he was no longer young. The old man crawled around the remains of the oasis finding a drop of water. His mouth was parched. The blazing sun burned into his skin and he was feeling dizzy. His eyes lost focus and blurred out slowly. Eventually he took his last breath and his body deflated like a balloon. Then a single clear drop of water appeared as he closed his eyes.

In life there are times when we find ourselves in situations like the man. Where comfort was provided to us and we were given so many chances to make full use of the situation to grow. Yet at times we take things for granted. Eventually, chance will run dry. Take your chances. Make full use of the safety and comfort of the situation to do something better. Don’t wait till its too late for even an Oasis will eventually dry up too.


2 responses to “The Last Drop

  1. I’m just really, really glad to have read this post. Very inspiring!

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