A Shard Of Glass

Little Jane was feeling depressed. Her beloved hamster had stopped moving 5 days ago. Her heart ached for the little creature. She didn’t like this feeling for it was the first time she has experienced this. She tried to eat as much candy as she could so that she’d feel sweeter instead of bitter, but all she got was bittersweet. She went to the playground and swung herself as high as she could on the swing, so high that she’ll almost went all around. but instead of excitement, she felt emptiness. Whatever she does to push the pain away, it simply hurt a little more every day.

She missed seeing her hamster running infinitely in his wheel. She missed the sound of the hamster chewing at the metal grilles. She missed the warmth of the hamster when she held it in her hands. Today she visited grandma and she knew that grandma was very wise in the ways of the world, so she asked grandma how can i get rid of this pain in her heart. Grandma smiled at her warmly and picked up her little hand:

“Well little Jane, sometimes when things go bad, its like a little shard of glass stuck in our palms. We don’t feel like using our hands at all. Some little girls take a special ointment to apply onto the wound to make the pain go away because they are afraid to take out the piece of glass. This makes the pain disappear for a while, but because the glass piece is still there, their hands will hurt again after a while. You know why they don’t take out the piece of glass?

Because each time they touch the piece of glass a sharp pain shoots up their hands. So sometimes they rather leave it there . Jane, what happens if you leave a piece of glass in your hand for too long? It gets swollen you say? Yes, it becomes infected and it might even cause you to lose your hand altogether.

So when we know this, we stop applying the special ointment and grit our teeth as we brave the pain. When the glass piece comes out, a very sharp pain will be felt, and your hand will be sore for a few days. But you know what little Jane? The best thing is that after your hand recovers from the soreness, it will be good as new.

So my dear Jane, grit your teeth, be determined and let go of your hamster in your heart. It hurts very much to let go, I know, but when you do, your heart will be good as new again.”

Jane looked up at Grandma with teary eyes, gave her a hug and bared her teeth. Her little heart understood Grandma’s words for she knew them to be true. She made up her little mind and that day was the last day she cried for her hamster, for after that, she only thought: I’m happy it happened.

So as little Jane feels in her heart those words to be true, I hope so do you (:


One response to “A Shard Of Glass

  1. I love your stories, each and every of them is a little remedy to problems I can’t answer. Keep ’em coming!

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