Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup

This story applies to every thing you do especially when it involves your loved ones. You do your best for them but you never understood why they have never appreciated your efforts. If you have experienced this in the past, this story is for you:

Last time, I told daddy that I wanted to learn how to play tennis. Daddy was delighted! He sent me to learn with a friend of his who teaches people how to hit those fuzzy green balls.

I really liked my first class, it felt good to be able to hit so hard. I was wondering why my daddy’s friend frowned each time i hit the ball towards a cloud. I thought I was really strong! In the next few classes, daddy’s friend kept correcting me about my tennis. I listened earnestly because I knew he knew what was best, after all you wouldn’t have much white hair unless you know what’s best. Experience is always the best teacher

Daddy and mummy supported me with all their heart and they wanted to see my tennis blossom. Mummy would always be there with a towel while Daddy would be there to see me safely home. They talked a lot about tennis to me, but I didn’t like how they talked. They said the best players didn’t make the kind of mistakes I made; I should hit harder and run faster; I should hit first to the left then to the right and a lot more! It was slightly disheartening. Well, I always felt that they meant well and did my best to listen.

Then as time went by, each time I made a mistake, i heard their voices whispering in the wind. When they watched me play, it made things worse! I could just imagine them shaking their head in disapproval and their “You Should” statements fly towards me.

I felt very pressured and it was almost hard to breathe. I really liked tennis but it felt like mummy and daddy were the ones who were attending classes, not me. Eventually, I gave up. I don’t blame them. They meant well. I decided to join the poetry club instead, big change I agree.

* Sometime when you care very much about a person, you may allow yourself to be very involved in what ever they do. Although you do it out of your best intentions, the expectation on your part constricts. Sometimes what the person wants is just for you to be there. Be gallant, be noble, be giving.  Experience is always the best teacher and as the adage goes: Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup.


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