To Pea or not to Pea

Be a part of the pod

A client came and talked about her identity crisis. She mentioned how much society and her family have pressured her into being who she is today. In so doing, she sacrificed much of her dreams and aspirations for she feared going against these expectations. This story was written for her.

The pea is a curious plant. Simple and unassuming. As it bursts forth from its little pod, it rolls onto the land. Rain dampens its spirit and pushes it into the ground. Beneath the ground, the pea does not rest for it gathers strength to break free of its shells that has nurtured it for so long.

Eventually, a little crack appears and the pea’s true form slithers out. It pushes and writhes towards the little bit of light that peeks through the ground. As it eventually struggles free of dirt, the pea faces disappointment yet again when it finds that it cannot stand by itself for peas are climbers. They climb on their new form and cling on to anything they find suitable; but the question is what is suitable for this little pea plant?

It grapples on to the first sturdy structure that it can find, a rock. As it coils slowly around the rock, it feels safe and secure. Yet the weather does not favor this little pea. The rock cracks as the climate changes and a large shard of it falls on the pea plant, almost flattening it. The pea plant however does not yield. It writhes and squirms under the rock, sometimes under the soil and finally back out into the sun.  It grows and grows and eventually grows up a nearby picket fence.

As its journey comes to an end, it blossoms little white flowers to celebrate and in time, a new pea pod will grow and a new story will unfold.

As we move through life, there will be times when we feel so uncertain of what society have taught us. Some of us grow in this mold that society has formed and we never grow out of it, others however break free of their molds like the pea. Though at first society will try its best to push them down and mold them back , eventually with time, they push through the dirt and find their new lives. Without a doubt, setbacks will come along the way, but have heart, for after the rain the sun always shines.


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