The Lotus Flower

How can we move on from our past if it has hurt us deeply and still hurts? Memories bring joy to us and at the same time they can haunt us. When we try to move on from memories that haunt us, sometimes we choose to simply no longer visit them.

A man with a history visited an old monk because he could no longer sleep. it has been a decade since the incident and he has almost forgotten about it. Nobody knows what happened so its easy to not bring it up. Yet when something similar happens on the news, his memories peek out from that dark little corner and feelings ripple across his heart. He always thought that he had moved on from it but deep down he knew that if thinking back still hurt him slightly, he has not truly gotten over it.

“Sir, I need help. Its been so long since the incident and i honestly thought I had moved on from it because I do not think about it anymore yet when I look at the news, I am always reminded of it. I want to be free of my past. Can you help me put my past behind me so that i no longer think of it?”

The old monk looked kindly at him then gazed at the pond. As he gazed he took his cane and slipped one end into the pond.

“My cane has touched the bottom of the pond but notice that you can’t see it anymore. That’s how murky the pond is. Often in life some memories fog our eyes and we find some of it stings us so we close our eyes to them and continue swimming around blindly. Now look at this lotus flower, see how not a single stain is on its pure white petals. Where did the lotus grow from if not from the murky waters? The lotus stays throughout its life above the murky waters never complaining because it knows where its roots are. Without the muddy water, the lotus would never be as beautiful as it is. Don’t swim around blindly, open your eyes, feel the sting and rise up above it. ¬†Forgive. Embrace. Blossom”

With that the monk withdrew his cane smiled and told the man that he may leave. The man nodded solemnly and got up. A reassuring zephyr swept back his hair, uplifting him.

Forgive. Embrace. Blossom

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