The Gravity of Inertia and Feeling Lost

Feeling Lost? It’s a pretty common feeling to have in between various phases in life. Some times this intermittent periods lasts only hours; sometimes days; sometimes even years. Its that need to move yet not knowing how to move. Look back into your life, you’ve probably come across this feeling a few times, most of the time when you’re in a dilemma.Nobody likes this feeling. It makes you feel as if you’re dragging a ton of lead when you walk. You tend to hunch more and eat lesser too. You seem to lose interest in things that you used to like. You just want to let time slip between your fingers. Your mind just keeps going on and on like a carousel about what you could have done or should have done. You feel foggy all the time.  You need a cure.

There are those who promise you a cure in a little pill. There are also those who promise you a cure in simply staying still. But what you do need when you are lost is truly just a little direction.

You need something to look forward to. Something as simple as planning a trip to the beach, or even a hunt for clothes, or even a meet up with the girls. You need to have something in your life to look forward to. The whole process and rigor of planning keeps you in check, it keeps you moving. Even if you do move in a direction that you don’t really like, at least you’re moving. Don’t be afraid to try new things, jot them down in your calendar right now.

Look forward to that exercise time you blocked out for yourself, plan out your ideal day to laze in. Learn from Games. The reason why games are so fun to play is that games always have little objectives and rewards to look forward to: all the CG effects, bonus points, bonus goodies. What these little objectives do is that they keep you moving in the game, constantly hooked onto it.  Bring the game into your life and place little objectives for yourself!


One response to “The Gravity of Inertia and Feeling Lost

  1. I was lost 3 times and the first time I felt lost, I took my bike out for 2 years every night when I have the chance and cycle to all parts of Singapore. The second time I felt lost, I went jogging every 3 nights a week on the CTE. And the third time, I just go swimming.
    Now, that I have travel to some corners of the planet Earth, I dont feel lost anymore. I only feel strange when I come back home to Singapore.

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