When People Don’t Change

I met a friend over the week who wanted to “rescue” his maiden from her lifestyle of “bad habits” and in the process, not only did he get hurt, but the relationship between the two of them turned sour. His experience as well as my own inspired this story.

Jerry and Geri were the best of friends. They both loved to build sandcastles together in the huge sand pit in the park. If you ever needed to find them, you would definitely find them kneeling in sand after school. They were inseparable.

Then Geri’s birthday came. Her mum bought for her a new Ken and Barbie set. Geri liked to build sandcastles but she now found barbie more fun to play with. She would play with barbie in the sand pit beside Jerry; she would play with barbie at home; and she would even play with barbie after the lights go off.
All this while jerry continued to play his sandcastles. He felt all itchy and unhappy inside: Why isn’t Geri playing with me? She should be! It’s all barbie’s fault!

So when Geri came to the sandpit to play, he mischievously buried barbie while Geri wasn’t looking. He buried ken when Geri found barbie. He buried both of them when Geri took a drink at the drink fountain. And each time Geri looks at him, he turns his nose into the air and says, “Dolls are silly, you should play with sandcastles with me cos its better!”

Geri looked at Jerry with tears in her eyes. She plunged her little hands into the sand and pulled barbie and ken out. She got up, stepped all over jerry’s castle and left.

The next few days, Jerry played all alone in the sandpit. He tried to find Geri at her place but Geri’s mum shook her head and simply said,”I’m sorry Jerry,she’s just not feeling too well.”

Days turned to weeks. Jerry missed Geri. Then an idea struck! He ran to the sandpit and started scooping sand furiously; Its going to be a monumental project! (or in the words of a wise man: LEGENDARY)

His dad brought a huge umbrella for him to help block out the rain. His mum brought him lemonade in case he got thirsty. After one whole long day, it was finally done. His hands were sore from digging and his knees were all red from abrasion with sand, but his spirit did not falter.

He ran to Geri’s home and looked up at her window. Taking out a pen and a piece of paper,he scribbled something and folded the piece of paper into an airplane. He threw it towards her window and it glided smoothly in. There was movement in the room and the sound of a door opening. His heart skipped a beat.

Jerry ran to the park, hid behind a tree and waited. Geri appeared and stood there with her eyes wide open. Tears were welling up as she smiled and held on tightly to barbie and ken for there in front of her was a huge doll house built from sand and a sign that read ,” Let’s play together please?”

Jerry then appeared coyly. They hugged and ran towards the doll house together. That day on, Jerry would build castles while Geri would let ken and barbie play in them.

People change throughout life and sometimes though we disagree with them, its not really up to us to decide if they can or cannot change. We’d only be imposing our views on them and that’s when we drift apart. It’s perfectly normal for people to have differing views as yours, after all on this planet there are about 6 billion different views. Embrace change. Accept differences. If you disagree with their lifestyle, don’t put them down by telling what’s better and what’s not. Be nice. Don’t judge. Just be there for them.


One response to “When People Don’t Change

  1. OMG, what a great story.

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