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John Grisham The Plumber

ImageDo you know John Grisham? He’s the author who stole many hours of our lives as we immersed ourselves into the worlds he created with his pen. We know of his writings, but do we know how they came about? I chanced upon this article while I was preparing for a program. If your life has taken many interesting ups and downs, you may find this article soothing. Every wrong turn may turn out to be the right one.

Originally published in the New York Times on the 5th of September 2010, written by John Grisham: Continue reading

The Yip and The Yap

This story was originally by Dr Seuss but I just can’t find the title or the original book. I only remember the crux of the story. It was written for kids but it applies to us adults even more. This story is truly about communication and this is my adapted version: Continue reading

A New Scoop Of Ice Cream: Crossroads

Life seems to always be full of crossroads and we are always made to choose. Have you ever thought “Maybe the other way would have been better”? I have crafted this story for you. Enjoy
A woman hiking aimlessly entered a narrow valley between two steep mountains. The mountain face was smooth and dark. Little vegetation grew where she walked. As she stands between the steep valley walls, she walks along the only path presented to her. She comes upon a fork in the road, both paths leading round a treacherous looking mountain. Continue reading

Choking on Your Words?

Click this image to read an article by Scientific America On Choking

I was just reading about this article by Malcolm Gladwell in his book: What The Dog Saw.  In his article “The Art of Failure”, he pointed out the difference between choking and panicking. This is especially interesting for people with public speaking woes and I shared this article with my clients. Continue reading

Gaming Addiction?

This is meant for parents who have kids addicted to gaming and to YOU if you’re addicted to Facebooking/Twittering/Gaming. A very sincere and though provoking video. Hope you enjoy it!


Resolve; The Spirit To Keep On Going

Can You Stand The Heat?

Resolve is the resilience and the strength to chase your dreams. Without resolve, it would be hard to even graze your dreams. How do we build up our resolve for success? Continue reading

Listen To Your Body To Communicate Effectively

Oops I did it again

Misunderstandings and break downs in communications happen to some people often. In our world now where we are constantly trying to let ourselves be heard, we try very hard to hone our speaking abilities. Yet we lose out on the most important one of all, listening. Continue reading

Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety; The Easiest Way to Overcome Them!


Public Speaking Phobia

Please Don't Scrutinize Me!!!


Of the 9 most common fears in the world, my favorite is Public Speaking. Its the only fear that once you  overcome, can launch you to success. Some people feel the minor version of public speaking, and that is presenting to small crowds, such as sales meetings, sales with customers etc. If you feel anxious, its absolutely normal. How then can you overcome that fear? Continue reading

Man vs Wild! Facing up to hierarchical Verbal Abuse

You know all that talk about every failure that you go throught is another learning experience to climb higher? It is good yes, but it won’t prevent us from getting a lecture from your boss who expects no “learning experiences”. Continue reading

Please Chill

Lake_McKenzie__Fraser_Island_by_dannyp5000I just came back from a 17 day trip from Beijing to shanghai to hongkong and back home. One word fits what I feel as soon as I went to work today – invigorated. It was good to take a break.
Yes I know it’s hard to postpone your appointments, reschedule your meetings, shift everything in your daily routine to make time; it’s hard to make time for the most valuable asset you own: yourself.
But you see, that’s what’s causing alot of things to go awry. We need to take a break every so often. A man who goes without sleep for more than 48 hours gradually feels his bodily functions shut down on him and in no time he’ll start hallucinating; our body knows that we need to rest; do we? I’m no christian but I know that in the book of genesis, even god rested on the 7th day so why shouldn’t us mortals?
Ok I agree it’s almost impossible to take as long a trip as I did. But it is very possible to take the weekend off.
One of the most common problems that busy people face is burning out. Burn out causes you to slow down in productivity, turn wry your thinking process, become forgetful etc. the list goes on. In my opinion, the best cure for burnout is going some place far far away from the city, like a sunny little island that is not frequented by tourists, long stretches of soft silvery beige sand, cool blue waters that are so clean u can see the fishes swimming, a nice little bar to get a cool drink amd a shady spot to laze in and read. That’s my ideal getaway, it could be different from yours, that’s fine. So long as you feel relaxed and good about the place, that’s YOUR perfect spot.
If after reading this article makes you feel like going somewhere away from the bustling city, away from the constant sms, away from the invading email, then it could be time to call for a break.
Book a time with yourself, commit to it, have a cocktail and chill

Lake_McKenzie__Fraser_Island_by_dannyp5000It’s been a while since I had time to blog, well, I just came back from a 17 day trip from Beijing to shanghai to hongkong and back home. One word fits what I feel as soon as I went to work today – invigorated. It was good to take a break. Continue reading