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The Fishy Decision: How Much Would You Pay For Your Fish

I read Lee Kuan Yew’s response to the topic of pay for ministers and he really inspires me. He inspired me to write this little story.  I truly believe that you should be paid your worth, but some where along the line there should be moderation and not excess.The recent debates about pay is something that can be related to organizations as well. Organizations and corporations all want to attract the best talents, but is pay really the best way to attract them? In what ways would can this affect the quality of talents attracted? Continue reading


The Lotus Flower

How can we move on from our past if it has hurt us deeply and still hurts? Memories bring joy to us and at the same time they can haunt us. When we try to move on from memories that haunt us, sometimes we choose to simply no longer visit them.

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Hello world!

I have moved every thing from my previous site here. The reason being there are too many iHypno-s going around. Have fun reading!




CapoeiraThat’s the theme of this blog. It’s all about ideas,videos,people and places that helps to get us going. Ever so often all we need is a little bump to start our engines moving. 

Feeling down and out? A little pat on the shoulder and a word of encouragement can bump us back in shape. Ever felt that urge to get rid of that extra inch in our waistline,yet getting up and doing it just takes so much mental effort we give in to the drudgery. Then one day our best friend calls us and the next thing you know, you’re jogging beside your friend on the threadmills. You’ve just been bumped. 

Look at Nike,Addidas,Asics,Puma;All these brands churn out designer running shoes like the Lunar trainers by Nike and when we see them,we have this itch to buy them. Then upon buying them,we’re jogging in the park,feeling the breeze in our face. You’ve just been bumped. 

 I practise capoeira and boy is it tiring;getting that stretch to kick higher;training the lift off to jump higher for acrobatics; I tend to give up. It’s too tiring especially if you have knee problems and a weak back like me. Then when I see videos of people doing capoeira;those clean movements,high flying kicks,beautiful game;I got bumped.

Even at work,when we drone about the office performing our daily routines,ever so often we start wondering: what am I doing?!what happened to my dreams ad aspirations?!you need to get bumped. 

I hope that if you come across my blog,it will bump you and get you going to achieve your dreams. As the saying goes: Carpe diém. Let not a thread of time be wasted !

Hello world!

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