What’s that? It’s a term in the study of hypnosis and it means to give suggestions to yourself. Wow,big deal you might say, but don’t underestimate the power of suggestion. China’s national coaches revealed that their top atheletes use this method before every match. The atheletes are taught how to use it the night before every match. They face the mirror and repeat to themselves at least 40 times that they will win and do their best and they do it with affirmation. 

Not convinced?try it yourself. 

1. Either lay in bed or sit in a comfortable chair. 

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath then exhale.

3. Decide on how many hours you want to sleep and what you want to do after that.

4. Be specific. State time in hours and minutes, exactly what actions you want to perform and what emotions you want to feel. 

5. Start repeating to yourself either mentally or out loud about what you will do when you wake up,such as: I will hop out of bed feeling fresh and alive. Repeat at least 10 times if you are not used to it. With practise,you might only need to tell yourself once. 

6. Affirm and believe in yourself and let go,drift to sleep. 

That’s one way of doing auto-suggestion. The more mundane and less effective method that some people have tried and used with results is basically just repeating the goal to themselves over and over again as soon as they have a minute to spare.


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