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15 Unexpected Lessons From Depression

This is an excerpt from a really good article by Noch Noch featured on Tiny Buddha. The problems she faced are so similar to what my clients described to me. I am really amazed by her insight into her problem. Just like her, most of my clients are normal people like you and me who live a normal existence. We work, we strive for goals, we party…yet some of us just feel that strange feeling once in a while.  Continue reading

WikiLeaks and Yourself

Are you like a fish in a fishbowl?

A client shared this idea with me. When WikiLeaks started posting diplomatic Cables online, he read them and he claims to have gotten a glimpse into the ‘true workings’ of the world. A moment later, he realized that he has never really taken a good glimpse at his own inner world before. That day he sat down and he started to let his subconscious mind leak and thats when he broke down. Continue reading

Resolve; The Spirit To Keep On Going

Can You Stand The Heat?

Resolve is the resilience and the strength to chase your dreams. Without resolve, it would be hard to even graze your dreams. How do we build up our resolve for success? Continue reading

Lose Control Of Yourself Before You Lose It!

Alcohol Addiction could be caused by a need to be yourself

Lose Control or Lose Yourself!

I just attended a workshop by Dr Stephen Gilligan and one of the topics he touched on is Control. I found that topic absolutely interesting. To put it simply, “If you do not lose control consciously, your body will lose control unconsciously.”

Continue reading

My book is finally out!

New Release



Its A Bowl Full of Ice Cream!


Continue reading

Do Nothing VS Having Nothing To Do

I was at Chinatown during my lunchtime when I observed a whole row of elderly men just sitting around looking at people walking by. They all dressed well. When they sit in a row, sometimes they chitchat w their neighbors while most times they just stare at passer-bys. They remind me of the pigeons that perch on a fence. They seemed like they were just passing time, coo-cooing it away.  Well at least they were happy doing nothing.

To do nothing with the full intent that you are not doing anything is an art. It allows us to slow down and see the world blur by. It’s calming and highly rejuvenatory. It promotes better health and reduces the chances for heart disease too!

However, do not confuse it with having nothing to do. Some people just wander around from place to place, activity to activity because they have nothing to do and have no idea what to do. The only other thing that allows itself to behave like this is a head-less chicken. Wandering around without aim nor reason.

The difference between doing nothing and having nothing to do is the intent. One is done on purpose while the other is a product of consequence. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly, it’s time to take a break and rest. Wandering around, feeling restless and bored is a sure sign of burn out. It could be from work, studies, and even friction with a loved one. If your energy and mood is not kept in check, it could spiral into depression. Take a break, give yourself a chance to be like a pigeon n just perch somewhere. You deserve it.

If you need advise on how to do this, you may consult any of the ancients sitting in Chinatown. Who knows, you may be invited to hang out with them. If not, go pick up a new hobby!

3 Day Learn To Hypnotize Your Friend Seminar!

We’re conducting a 3 day intensive seminar where we will teach you how you can use hypnotic techniques to  enhance your well being and to help another person. We will teach you:
To use hypnosis
To recognize subconscious signals from another person
To tame your fears and phobias
To release anger in a safe manner
To structure your own self hypnosis session
To hypnotize another person!

It’s on Sep 3,4,5. For more details please visit:


Getting Out Of The Fog of Uncertainty

When we journey down the path of life, sometimes its a bright sunny day, sometimes its a rainy day and occasionally its a foggy day. On a sunny day, we feel as if we walk the path of light and own the world; On a rainy day we just want to hide at home and maybe hug a pillow; But on a foggy day, we wander around …not knowing what’s ahead…lost…

If you have experienced the fog or are currently experiencing it, you will need the Compass of Purpose. This compass will guide you through the fog like a lighthouse. It will always point you in the right direction and no matter what path you take, what twists and turns, you will reach that destination.

To forge your own compass of purpose, you will need a combination of these questions:

  1. What do I want out of life?
  2. Where am I now on my plotted out plan?
  3. What can I do next to achieve that?

What if you answer I don’t know to all this questions? It doesn’t mean that your compass is broken. It just means that it needs some recalibrating. Take these questions to a quiet and safe place. Then start asking your heart. The first image you get from these questions are normally what your heart truly desire.

When you are holding your compass in your hands, keep walking and never backtrack!


Be Human, Change

Humans are creatures of habit. We like familiarity. It’s in our traditions to like to stay the way we are. We like what we’re used to. So often, when we’re faced with a choice between two elements, one familiar and the other mysterious, we’d choose the familiar. It can’t be helped. It’s only part of nature. Continue reading

The Importance of Communication in the Home

Sometime in February a girl ran away from home (. The news hit the local papers but i lost the clipping, much apologies). When shown the article to parents and people, comments such as these were heard: she’s dumb; Why will a girl want to run away from a normal life; What a stupid girl!

When the parents who read the article were asked about their family, they proudly proclaim: My child will never do this! It’s impossible for my child to do this! And yes it is rather hard for a child to actually run away.

The obstacles are just too many, food, shelter, water and most important of all money. Mind you running away is not an easy thing to do. You will need a large enough stimulus to actually make s child take that drastic an action. I found this on Yahoo:

i’m 11 years old and i’m in middle school. My life is horrible for many reasons like my grandpa died, my whole school makes fun of me all the time (they call me emo), and my family doesnt treat me right. i’ve had many suicde thoughts and have tried to kill myself only once. Should i run away? i dont know what to do and i dont want to tell my parents because they just dont understand… What should i do?

So when the child runs away, is the child at fault or is the parent? It’s very easy to lay the blame to a child who cannot comment for herself.  It’s always easier to push the blame to someone else than to look long and hard at the mirror. It has always seemed the case: if the child is misbehaving, it’s because he’s naughty.  When will parents themselves see that they are part of this problem or rather the root of it?

Think long and hard mum and dads.. This is something for you to read.