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Is there really a Magic Pill that makes troubles go away?

Psychiatric Medication

Does Popping Pills Truly Help?

I have seen a couple of clients, children even, who have been taking medications for years. I wonder how effective the medication truly is if the person has to consume it for 10 years and they’re still not getting any long term benefits. One of my clients, a boy the age of 11 was prescribed medication for his hyperactivity. His teachers complained of how rowdy and inattentive he was in class, and sent him to the school counselor who suspected that there could be something psychologically misplaced in the boy. So, just as all worried mum are, he was brought to see a psychiatrist. Continue reading

Something I Heard Today

This story may be told many times but its still worth a read. I heard it at a conference today:

There’s a story about the California gold rush that tells of two brothers who sold all they had and went prospecting for gold. They discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim, and proceeded to get down to the serious business of getting the gold ore out of the mine. All went well at first. They reaped cartloads and cartloads of ore. The railway tracks were busy with their deliveries. but then one day something strange happened. Continue reading


This was written in the month of November but due to a busy schedule I posted it up late ;P

I met an interesting client today. He came in looking for a lost object, in particular a little black bag. Well we spent two long sessions and what we found was pretty interesting.
The subconscious mind is such a magnificent thing. Continue reading

Gadget of the Week!

Nintendo WiiWiiiiiiiiii! Video games was an excellent addition to home entertainment in the 1980s but in this age, it is time for a revolutionary change. Many of you know it; it’s been out in the market for the past year or so; but I’m surprised so many people are still kept in the dark about it! The nintendo wii. Invented by the same brand that brought you the most popular game even to date:super mario. It uses a motion detection system that is so easy use, even my 4 year old nephew wields it like a pro. Then with the introduction of the wii fit, working out was never so mundane anymore. The board allows you to play your games while at the same time exercise. Whoever said playing games was a waste of time when you can burn off that extra waistline! Why would anyone need it?do you want to just lie down infront of the tv and slowly pile on weight? Have u had the urge to go jogging but afraid that people will laugh at your not-so-fit figure?worry no more cos wii and wii fit is here to solve all your vanity issues. For the potato couches out there,this is a great gadget to get to let you start engaging in a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your own home. Visit your nearest video game retailer today!



ClockyBeep beep beep beep!! *roll…..5 metres away* Beep beep beep beep!!

Ladies and Gents, Introducing the Clocky! He’s what I call a break through in the quest to get people out of bed. He is EXTREMELY noisy, very agile and mobile, extremely CUTE to look at.

What does he do? …..ALOT!

He beeps very loudly every morning.

When you hit the snooze button, he keeps quiet, but he rolls off the table and rolls to random locations in the room.

He can jump 3 feet off the table!

How will this help you?

Well imagine having to wake up and finding the little fella just to press the snooze button. Just this action alone is enough to jolt you at least halfway awake. Well if he doesn’t wake you up the first time round, I’m sure just a few more times and you’d be up cursing and swearing.

Do I recommend it?

DEFINITELY! Visit them at: Nanda